AYA Sticks

Having given our prototype sticks to players of all abilities we developed the 95 Series and the 80 Series both which are available in what we consider two perfect bow shapes. The AYA Master Bow and the AYA Low Bow.

AYA Hockey 95 Series

AYA Hockey 95 Series is made with 95% Carbon Fibre and 5% Innegra™. 


We believe that we are the first company to bring Innegra™ Technology to the field hockey industry. 


Innegra™ is a well known composite that is not only strong but is exceptionally light weight. Innegra™ has high shock and energy absorbing properties which is why it is used in the ballistic industries both for personnel protection and blast walls. 


This energy and shock absorption will help reduce stick vibrations. Innegra™ is also exceptionally tough and is used in the aerospace and motorsport markets, in fact Innegra™ is used in Formula 1, Indy car racing and NASCAR meaning we are using F1 technology in your 95 Series sticks. 

AYA Hockey 80 Series

The AYA Hockey 80 Series is our 80% Carbon Fibre stick. 

Our 80 Series is constructed using 80% Carbon Fibre, 10% Kevlar and 10% Glass Fibre; a well-known combination to most players. Some players think that 95% Carbon is too stiff which is why we have developed our 80 Series.


Differing in design to our 95 Series, our 80 Series is finished in matt black with bright orange decals.

Available in the AYA Master Bow (MB) and the AYA Low Bow (LB). 

AYA Master Bow

The AYA Master Bow really is for true masters of the game. It is for players looking for an all-round stick that offers that combination of power whilst helping the technical player undertake 3D skills. The Master Bow is not just limited to 3D skills as it is also great for the drag flick and slingshot.

Main Features:

  • Bow Height: 24mm
  • Bow Point: 242mm
  • Balance Point: 400mm
  • Weight: 525 +/- grams

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AYA Low Bow

The AYA Low Bow places the bow as close to the head of the stick as possible. This offers players phenomenal power and additional assistance when controlling the ball. Ideal for players of all ability looking for a stick that offers power and aids with drag flicking and shooting.

Main Features:

  • Bow Height: 24.5mm
  • Bow Point: 194.6mm
  • Balance Point: 400mm
  • Weight: 525 +/- grams

What's the right length of stick

Player Height - cm

Player Height - ft

Stick Length - inch

139cm - 152cm

4'7" - 5'


154cm - 160cm

5'1" - 5'3"


161cm - 183cm

5'4" - 6'


183cm - 192cm

6' - 6'4"